Device to cut down speed

The benefits of new in-car technology to stop driversfrom speeding is being weighed up by road safety experts.
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“Speed Assistance Devices” range from an app that gently reminds you of the speed limit, to a device that disables the accelerator if you try to go too fast.

The idea is gaining traction overseas; London buses will soon be fitted with devices after a trial found an 18 per cent reduction in deaths where a vehicle was fitted with an advisory systemand a 37 per cent reduction in deaths where fitted with a speed intervening system.

In NSW, a trial found these speed-limiting and warning devices could save 35 lives and reduce injuries to road users by 1455 in the state per year.

A spokesperson for the NRMA’s Western NSW branch reacted cautiously, but said all options to improve road safety needed to be looked at carefully.

“With all the new technology we really need an evidence based approach to ensure it is safe enough and effective enough,” she said.

“We doknow there are more cars coming on to the road with capabilities such as reverse parking sensors and automatic braking systems,” she said.

“They were once new, but now we’re used to them. With this one, we simply don’t know enough about it yet.”

Executive director of the NSW Centre for Road Safety,Bernard Carlon, said the devices could help those drivers who didn’t realise they were speeding.

“There does tend to be a theory that people in vehicles are like being in a cocoon, and separated from the rest of the world and not necessarily focused on the driving task,” Mr Carlon said.

He could envisage this sort of device being used in a similar way to alcohol interlocks as a way of stopping recidivist speeders from repeating the same offence.

And he was continuously reviewing the potential of these apps to reduce road trauma.

To introduce drivers to these sorts of devices, which are already used by the trucking industry, Transport for NSW developedSpeed Adviser, a free app that uses NSW open source information to remind drivers of the speed limit.

Speeding is the single biggest contributing factor in fatal road crashes, road safety experts say.

European research has found that a decrease in speed of even 1km/h could reduce road fatalities and injuries by as much as four per cent a year.

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