June, 2019

WA visitor centres receive boost

Collie has been selected as one of 36 regional centres to receive funding for their visitor’s centresfrom the State Government.
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The government has invested $4.2 million over three years in regional visitor centre projects as part of the Regional Visitor Centre Sustainability Grant program.

The funding was assisted by Tourism WA and the Royalties for Regions program.

Collie Visitor’s Centre manager Fran Kenneally said the grants provide an important service for tourism resources throughout WA.

“These grants, that Royalties for Regions and Tourism WA have put out, have sort of been able to help us to apply for something that can help our sustainability,” she said.

Ms Kenneally said the centre applied for funding to sustain the locomotive display and build a pathway for disability access around the attraction.

“Hopefully that will draw more people to the locomotives and the visitor’s centre and, as a consequence, come into the visitor’s centre and use the centre,” she said.

“The more people that come through our doors, spend money, it helps our sustainability and also it has a flow-on effect for the community because people come in here and it’sour jobto try to encourage them to spend more time in Collie and in the local community.”

$1.05 million was reserved for the 2016-17 Regional Visitor Centre Sustainability Grants program funding pool, with grants between $40,000 and $100,000 available for accredited visitors centres and local government authorities.

Regional Development Minister Terry Redman said the funding was designed to assist regional visitor’s centres across the state with sustainability initiatives including on-site attractions, technology and interior redesign.

“Visitor centres have a wealth of local knowledge that help visitors discover the best of what the regions have to offer,” he said.

“This Royalties for Regions investment contributes to a strengthened and sustainable regional economy through investment in tourism development.”

2017-18 funding applicationswill open in March.

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Device to cut down speed

The benefits of new in-car technology to stop driversfrom speeding is being weighed up by road safety experts.
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“Speed Assistance Devices” range from an app that gently reminds you of the speed limit, to a device that disables the accelerator if you try to go too fast.

The idea is gaining traction overseas; London buses will soon be fitted with devices after a trial found an 18 per cent reduction in deaths where a vehicle was fitted with an advisory systemand a 37 per cent reduction in deaths where fitted with a speed intervening system.

In NSW, a trial found these speed-limiting and warning devices could save 35 lives and reduce injuries to road users by 1455 in the state per year.

A spokesperson for the NRMA’s Western NSW branch reacted cautiously, but said all options to improve road safety needed to be looked at carefully.

“With all the new technology we really need an evidence based approach to ensure it is safe enough and effective enough,” she said.

“We doknow there are more cars coming on to the road with capabilities such as reverse parking sensors and automatic braking systems,” she said.

“They were once new, but now we’re used to them. With this one, we simply don’t know enough about it yet.”

Executive director of the NSW Centre for Road Safety,Bernard Carlon, said the devices could help those drivers who didn’t realise they were speeding.

“There does tend to be a theory that people in vehicles are like being in a cocoon, and separated from the rest of the world and not necessarily focused on the driving task,” Mr Carlon said.

He could envisage this sort of device being used in a similar way to alcohol interlocks as a way of stopping recidivist speeders from repeating the same offence.

And he was continuously reviewing the potential of these apps to reduce road trauma.

To introduce drivers to these sorts of devices, which are already used by the trucking industry, Transport for NSW developedSpeed Adviser, a free app that uses NSW open source information to remind drivers of the speed limit.

Speeding is the single biggest contributing factor in fatal road crashes, road safety experts say.

European research has found that a decrease in speed of even 1km/h could reduce road fatalities and injuries by as much as four per cent a year.

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Our disaster plan is a beauty

ROUGH LANDING: Cleveland Point – and a few sightseers’ cars – being hammered by a storm last summer.REDLANDCity Council’s disaster plan is such a beauty it is being used by universities across the country as ameasure of best practice in planning.
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Mayor Karen Williams said the plan was aboutensuring thecommunity wasas safe as it could be from disasters.

The plan directs how councilresponds to a disaster, communicates, recovers, reduces risks, identifieshazardsand prepares for events.

“The important thing about our disaster plan is that it is not only the finished product that isimportant, it is collaboration, consultation and community involvement that makes it one ofAustralia’s best planning processes,’’ Cr Williams said.

It comes as the Weather Bureau warns residents topreparefor more cyclones this season than last.

Climate prediction services manager Andrew Watkins said Australians should expect an average to above-average cyclone season, due to neutral to weak La Nina conditions in the tropical Pacific Ocean.

“This year we’re experiencing warmer-than-average sea surface temperatures around northern Australia, and this will help to fuel the tropical cyclone season ahead,’’ Dr Watkins said.

“History shows that in an average season, about 11cyclones form in the Australian region between November and April. On average, four of these will make landfall.”

Last year had the lowest number ofcyclones on record with just three having formed during the season. Only one made landfall.

“It is highly unlikely Australia will see a cyclone season as quiet,” Dr Watkins said.

The RACQ’s Paul Turner said people needed to be safety conscious withtheir homes andbehaviour as the storm season began.

“Summer storms generally come and go quicklybut their affects can last foryears so people need to be across safety advice and take it seriously,” Mr Turner said.

“There are some simple steps which will help safeguard lives and property.

“At home, make sure you’ve cleared the yard of debris, packed an emergency kit, have anevacuation plan and ensure your insurance is up-to-date and covers what you need most.

“If you’re caught out on the road in a storm, always remember if it’s flooded, forget it. Obeyall signs and directions from emergency servicesand don’t ever gamble on yours, or yourrescuers’ lives by ignoring warnings.”

Cr Williams said council would work with the community toensure preparation wasas strong as possible.

“You owe it to yourselves and your family totake some time in making sure you have a plan in the event of severe storm, bush fire,flooding or heat wave,’’ she said.

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Pens at the ready

Year 12 students James Trotter, Rosie George, Tammie Pye and Rhys Smith from Boorowa Central School are all busy studying for their HSC exams that kick off today. The textbooks are open and the last minutecramming is well and truly underway as Year 12 students at Boorowa Central School prepare for the start of their HSC exams.
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The exams begin today with every student in NSW taking the English Standard or Advanced Paper 1.

Boorowa Central School studentsJames Trotter, Rosie George, Tammie Pye and Rhys Smith have all been busy studying in the lead up to their exams.

Rosie said she’s nervous andit’s been a busy and stressful time.

“I think I will do well in some exams and maybe not so well in others,” she said.

“It’s alright, I’m just starting to hate English,” Rhys said.

Whilst fellow student James said it will be a ‘walk in the park’.

“It’s good, it’s pretty full on trying to cram in as much as possible in the last week,” he said.

For Rosie and Rhys, their results in the HSC could make or break their dreams of getting accepted to uni, with Rosie hoping to get entry into the University of Western Sydney and Rhys wanting to study at the University of Newcastle.

“I want to go to uni and study nutrition and go onto become a dietitian,” Rosie said.

“I want to get accepted into the University of Newcastle,” Rhys said.

“I probably take a working gap year.”

Both Tammie and James say they are a bit more relaxed about the exams as their plans don’t rely on results.

Tammie hopes to move to Wagga Wagga to study Aged Care or Beauty Therapy at TAFE while James hopes to get an apprenticeship with an electrician or as a refrigerator mechanic.

“If anyone is looking or an apprentice?” James said.

“It doesn’t mean much for what I want to do, I just like bettering myself as much as possible.

All of the students agree however that they would like to see a shake up of the current HSC system, suggesting a model similar to one used in the ACT.

“Not just sitting one big exam,” James said.

“Have an assessment task worth 10% at the end of each term in Year 11 and 12.”

The Boorowa News wishes all of the BCS Yr 12 students good luck with their exams.

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Swimmer Dan Fox wins yet another award

HOME GROWN CHAMPION: Daniel Fox with Olympic medal and Mayor Karen Williams.
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ONEof Redland’s favourite sons, Daniel Fox, has received a Redland City CouncilCertificate of Achievementafter hispodiumfinish at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Daniel is a two-time Paralympian, representing Australia inLondon in 2012 and Rio last month, where he added a bronze to his impressive collection ofmedals and records.

An experienced international campaigner, Daniel competed in three events in Rio lastmonth, achieving a podium finish in his pet event, the Men’s S14 200m Freestyle.

He also placed 6th in the final of the men’s 100m backstroke and 4th in his heat of the men’s200m individual medley.

Mayor Karen Williams said Daniel had learnt to swimas a toddler,steppingup to top competition in 2009 when he debuted Australia at the Global Games thesame year, where he won three gold and two silver medals.

He followed this with a second in the 200m freestyle at the 2010 World Championships andwent one better with a gold medal in the 200m freestyle at the Montreal WorldChampionships.

“Daniel continued his record of international medal-winning swims for 200m freestyle, winningsilver at the 2012 London Paralympics, gold at the 2013 IPC Swimming WorldChampionships,’’ she said.

“He also set a world record at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.’’

Cr Williams said his strong performance at the Swimming Australia Grand Prix in Townsville last year and the2015 Australian Swimming Championships in Sydney guaranteed selection in the Australianteam for the 2016 Paralympics.

“Our city watched with great anticipation as Daniel walked onto the pool deck in Rio lastmonth and our hearts swelled with pride as he stood on the podium to receive a bronzemedal for the Men’s 200m Freestyle,’’ she said. “I can only imagine the roar from his personal cheer squad, led by his mum and No 1 fanJulie and stepdad PJ, who travelled to Rio with Daniel’s siblings and partners.

“I am told there was plenty of cheer back home too, led by Aunty Allanah, who also made aspecial trip to Sydney with Julie to meet Daniel’s flight as it returned from Rio.Daniel, you have again proven yourself as a real Aussie champion.’’

Dan alsoreceived another accolade at the athletes’ Welcome Home parade in Brisbanewhen named Ambassador for the INAS Global Games to be hosted by Brisbane in2019.

The Games will attract more than 1000 elite athletes who have an intellectualdisability.

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