December, 2018

Bridging the generational gap

The Highlands Community Centre will hold technology courses for seniors starting in October. Photo suppliedTRYINGto tackletechnology is often a slow and frustrating process.
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Starting fromOctober 18, Highlands Community Centre will run a number of Smart Classes for Seniors.

The courses willprovideprofessional tuition in the use of iPads, Android tablets, iPhones and Android smart phones.

Participants will be provided withan updated and easy to follow course manual for future reference.

These classesaimto provide confidence in using popular digital devices and help alleviate any anxieties peoplemay experience with technology in a non-threatening environment.

With the support ofstudents from Chevalier College, Moss Vale High School and Southern Highlands Christian School,participants will be able to learn skills toenhance their lives socially and help them gain independence by having access to online activities such as libraries, movies, social media and shopping.

The classes will cover topics such asusing email, sending messages, downloading apps, voice control and learning digital literacy skills.

Each course will consistofthree two-hour sessions from either 9.30am-11.30am or 12.30pm-2.30pm.

The cost ofeach course will be $25 for the three classes, a course manual, morning or afternoon tea and professional tuition.

For more informationcontact Highlands Community Centre on4862 1122.

Seniors classes:

iPhone classes: October 18, October 25 and November 1 from9.30am-11.30amiPad classes: October 18, October 25 and November 1 from12.30pm-2.30pmAndroid phone classes: October 21, October 28 and November 4 from9.30am-11.30amAndroid tablet classes: October 21, October 28 and November 4 from 12.30pm-2.30pmThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Local talent set to shine

Albert Gray will play the Kyneton Music Festival’s Golden Sounds stage. With the vocal prowess of Howlin’ Wolf, the striking guitar tones of Chuck Berry, and the lyrical muscle of Steve Earle, Gray has been described as Australia’s most versatile young singer-songwriter.As part of this year’s Kyneton Music Festival, Saturday, October 21 will see the Golden Sounds stage at Major Tom’s awash with talent handpicked from our very own goldfields region.
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An eclectic lineup of local musicians including Luke Watt, Buck Edwards, Albert Gray, Harry F L Vincent, Leon and The Freedom Cage, Queensland, Cameron Holmes and King Maxwell will dazzle audiences between 12pm and 5pm, showcasing the diversity and flair of local artists.

Festival director Rob Jones is proud to present Golden Sounds which he describes as “not only a great opportunity for local musicians to reach a wider audience, but also to be part of an exciting music festival in their own backyard”.

Now in its fifth year, the Kyneton Music Festival is a unique weekend, jam-packed with good times and fantastic tunes!

Also featuring renowned acts Henry Wagons, Mojo Juju, Dorsal Fins, Mikelangelo, Liz Stringer, Raised By Eagles and many more, the festival takes place on October 20 and 21 at venues around Kyneton.

For more information and tickets, visit 梧桐夜网kynetonmusicfestival南京夜网419论坛

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The question is, could we or should we try to live forever?

Doctors talk about what might happen to our bodies if we lived forever, orfor a very long time. But would we thinkand live differentlyif we had countless tomorrows?
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I never thought about my own mortality much until I was diagnosed with cancer last year. There was always time, I thoughtbreezily, always time for everything. I could be careless and fix things later, make amends later, be a full, proper, grown humanbeing who finished her filing and had napkin rings and little tables in hallways with lamps and paperweights on them, later.

Life sentences: Julia Baird considers the implications of living much, much, much longer.

Then the doctor’s words romped across my future hopes and expectations like a fire devouring bush.

And while my eyebrows are still singed by the experience, I now wonder if it actually made me a better person, a little less of a fool. I miss the thrill of abandon and risk as I live more carefully, deliberately. But in many ways I am glad I was smacked so forcefully, as even though I am no longer panicked, I am conscious every day of the fact that life is very often not as long as you think, that the hours and minutes count. That five-minute conversations might matter a lot more than five-year plans. And when I was ill people were suddenly so much kinder – kind in a way we all should always be.

A recognition of death is often twinned with a powerful thirst for life. So what happens when we strive to live forever, and how would the postponement of death affect the way we live? Would it change?

Great outrage was directed at the scientists who published a paper inNaturethis week, in which they argued that our life expectancies, after rising dramatically since 1900 or so, have plateaued and are not likely to progress much further.

One of the authors, DrJan Vijg from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York,thinks we have already reached the top limit of human longevity: “From now on, this is it. Humans will never get older than 115.”

What they found was that the survival age of older groups had increased for the past century but levelled out in 1980 – at roughly 99. Since then, the increase in the age limit has been fractional.

We are unable to fully repair the damage to our DNA done by the process of ageing andas the scientist, and Vijg puts it:”At some point everything goes wrong, and you collapse.”(Critics say the scientists forgot to factor in future developments in medicine.)

Have we really grappled witha world full ofcentenarians? How would we live?

A central question in the memoir of a brilliant neurosurgeon dying of brain cancer,When Breath Becomes Air, is how differently the authorPaul Kalanithi​ would live according to how long he thought he had – two months, two years or two decades.

And if discrepancies in access to medical treatment are already yawning chasms, how can we ensure that a bid to prolong ageing is not just a space race between billionaires? Life expectancy in some African countries still hovers around 50: Sierra Leone, Angola, Central African Republic, Chad, Ivory Coast are all between 50and 53 years.

Research studies show desire for longer life fades as people age, and that the wealthier hanker for it in a way poorer people do not.

What was missed in all the hue and cry about Vijg’s research ishe still thinks there is a strong chance we can improve our health span, which is surely the best outcome.

The thirst to live and endure is understandable.But an understanding of our own mortality can often make living sharper.

Julia Baird hostsABCTV’sThe Drum.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Threat to tourism brand

The success of the ‘Manning Valley naturally’ tourism brand could be threatened if MidCoast Council signs up to be part of the proposed Hunter Joint Organisation (JO).
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Former Greater Taree City Council mayor Paul Hogan voiced his concern as he discussed the State government’s proposal to include MidCoast Council in the Hunter JO. (Click here to read the relatedstory ‘A question of identity’)

Mr Hogan is passionate about growing tourism in the Manning Valley and ensuring marketing of our region maintains its growing momentum.

The ‘Manning Valley naturally’ brand promotes our regionsnatural assets, the ninestunning National Parks,45 kilometres of pristine coastline, Ellenborough Fallsand theonly double delta river system in Australia.

“The success of the ‘Manning Valley naturally’ brand can’t be lost,” Mr Hogan said.

“I can see combining this theme with the pristine beaches and lakes of the wider MidCoast Council area can enhance this, but how on earth does the Hunter Valley fit into that sort of marketing? It simply doesn’t fit.

“That is why consideration and discussions with the council’s to our north should have occurred rather than to simply lie down and allow the Great Lakes status quo to remain.

“That is not the forward or progressive thinking needed to shape a new MidCoast Council.”

The ‘Manning Valley naturally’ brand is a success story of the former Greater Taree City Council. Former mayor Paul Hogan is concerned the brand could be impacted if MidCoast Council becomes part of the Hunter Joint Organisation.

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All-action Hawks pulling the region in

Picture: Getty ImagesAfter a record-breaking round one performance against Adelaide in front of a parochial home crowd, Hawks co-captain Oscar Forman believes the ‘word is getting out’ on where to find the Illawarra’s hottest ticket in town.
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​And the three-point sharpshooter wants the region to build on that support when Illawarra’sbiggest rivals, the Sydney Kings, cometo WIN Entertainment Centre on Friday night.

A crowd of 3247 people witnessed Illawarra’s breathtaking 122-88 first-up victory over the 36ers which has helped set the tone for what is expected to be another strong campaign. The attendance was substantially higher than last season’s opener andForman hopes that figure will continue to rise on the back of the Hawks’ stunning first round display.

“The numberthat you are looking for of course isbums on seats and for us you would hope or assume that the vast majority that came [to our first game]are going to go back,” he said.

“The performance we put on, the value for money with their free cheeseburgers, the excitement we provide.It was an entertaining game. The crowd was very loud. The crowd was excellent and it is one of the reasons that spurs us on having a crowd like that.

“We look forward to going against the Kings, with that rivalry, having a loud crowd again and hopefully have even more people so we can bring the curtain down and really look to fill this place every week.For Illawarra to come out and support us for game one it means that word is getting out to the community and they are coming out to support us.”

Illawarra fans will only get two opportunities, excluding finals,to see the Hawks in action against their biggest rivals this NBL season.

The second game is onMonday,December 5.Sydney head into the first meeting on the back of a disappointing opening round performance.

Despite a heavy recruitment drive, which included snatching last season’s NBL MVP Kevin Lisch from the Hawks’ grasp, the Kings were beaten 77-73 on their home floor by the Brisbane Bullets.

Forman expects Illawarra’s biggest rivals will want to bounce back from the disappointing start.

“With the roster they assembled to start to season, to havea loss on their home court, theywill have to put a lot of assessment into that and I think they will change what they will try to do. They will come out aggressive I am imagining,” he said.

“Quite similar to what we did in pre-season, we put in a poor performance and then we came out and put in a strong performance.

“I am expecting the same for them and we need to be ready.I don’t think we are going to get a start like we did against Adelaide again but if we can minimise our errors early in the game and make sure they don’t get anything easy [that will help].

“If we make them work for everything, that will probably start draining them early.”

The Kings welcomed the signing of two-time NBA champion Josh Powell before their opening match against the Bullets, but the former LA Lakers forward didn’t participate in the match.It is unclear if he will make his first appearance for the club against the Hawks on Thursday night or if he will wait until their home stand against Cairns on Saturday.

Illawarra also play Melbourne United awayon Sunday.

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