November, 2018

Cactus warriors winning the battle

Ian Grenda demonstrates the best way to kill wheel cactus: herbicide injected directly into the plant’s lobes. Picture: CONTRIBUTEDVolunteer “cactus warriors” have removed 90 per cent of wheel cactus in public land around Maldon.
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Wheel cactus is a common site in central Victoria.The noxious weed is native to Mexico and in Australia is considered a serious threat because it is highly invasive and difficult to destroy.

Wheel cactus is particular problem around Maldon, where adedicated group of volunteers havesuccessfully removed the weed from about 90 per cent of public land in the Maldon Historic Area.

Parks Victoria ranger team leader Noel Muller said he was delighted to see so much of the area cleared of the weed.

“The Tarrangower Cactus Control Group have rallied their volunteers for more than a decade toeradicate the cactus from the Maldon area, it’s a great example of community spirit and dedication,” he said.

The control group holds monthly field days between April and November, using syringes to inject cactus lobes with herbicide.

TCCG member Lee Mead said she was pleased landowners were also taking steps to control wheel cactus.

“Controlling this weed on private land is also essential to stop the spread of seeds to other propertiesand parks nearby,” she said.

“We can come help people wanting to manage the weed on their land. The Tarrangower CactusControl Group can show you how the techniques to kill and control it on private land.”

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BEFORE AND AFTER: It is only in its absence that the true impact of wheel cactus can be appreciated. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

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Flood impact continues to hurt farmers

Troy Stone and his son, Joe.
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Collingullie farmers are preparing for their feet to be wet until Christmas with upstream dam releases keeping their properties flooded.

Troy Stone said only 10 per cent of his 988 hectares wasn’t underwater, while his next-door neighbour’s 1500ha property was completely inundated.

“We’recompletely underwater,” Mr Stone said.

“On my land itranges from ankle-deep to over my head.

“When it floods weneed the creeks to drop to get rid of the water and in theold days it would come in and go out again, butnow with thedams it stays on and you can’t get it off.”

The flooding is a particular problem for Mr Stone’s wheat and lucerne crops. The lucerne can stand up to four days underwater, but is nowbeyond saving.

“It’sstuffed us completely,” Mr Stone said.“This land will be stuffed for two seasons.”

Mr Stone estimated the value of the lost crops between $120,000 and $130,000. On top of that, it will cost about $30,000 to clean the land up.

On Thursday the NSW Government announced a disaster assistance package for flood-affected communities in the region, but towns in the Wagga council area, including Collingullie, didn’t make the cut.

Individuals, small businesses andprimary producersin Junee, Coolamon, Narrandera,Murrumbidgee council areasnow join those inBland, Cootamundra-Gundagai, HilltopsandTemora in being able to get help recovering from the flood.

The announcement takes the total number of disaster-declared local government areas to 28.For information contact the Disaster Welfare Assistance Line on 1800 018 444.

Flood status as of 5pm on Wednesday, October 12:

Burrinjuck Dam isat 94 per cent and fallingBlowering is at100 per cent and fallingMurrumbidgee River (Wagga): is at 7.781 metres and fallingMurrumbidgee River (Narrandera): is at7.882 metres and risingThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Rabbit busters come to Malmsbury

Martin Deering, biosecurity officer from Agriculture Victoria, and Michael Blake from Maine Environmental Services discuss the latest rabbit control techniques on a property in Malmsbury. Upper Campaspe Landcare Network, in conjunction with Malmsbury and District Landcare Group, is running a free Rabbit Buster workshop to help landowners learn the latest techniques to control rabbits. Photo: Sandy ScheltemaLandowners who have a rabbit problem will benefit from a free Rabbit Busters workshop in Malmsbury on Saturday, October 22.
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Upper Campaspe Landcare Network, in conjunction with Malmsbury and District Landcare Group, is running the workshop to help people learn the latest techniques in controlling rabbits.

With feral rabbits capable of doing large amounts of damage to properties, controlling them before they multiply makes sense. Rabbits do an extraordinary amount of damage to Australia annually with the overall loss caused by rabbits to agriculture and horticulture in Australia recently estimated to be about $206 million per year.

The workshop will explain the latest techniques, useful to people with small allotments to larger farms.

Martin Deering, biosecurity officer from the Department of Agriculture will be on hand, along with Michael Blake from Maine Environmental Services, to demonstrate simple cost-effective techniques to deal with the problem.

With a single female rabbit able to produce between 18 and 30 young a year a small problem can quickly become a large one. Rabbits can cause serious erosion problems, and can threaten the survival of some native species by damaging their food source and habitat. It takes less than one rabbit per hectare to prevent the successful regeneration of many native trees and shrubs.

“People will get a good idea of how to control rabbits, which can help protect the environment, agriculture and assets, tree planting and gardens,” Mr Deering said.

“With controlling rabbits, you need a multi-pronged approach, using all techniques available – there is no one-size-fits-all approach – each situation is unique. This workshop can assist landowners to understand the issue and use appropriate control measures for their individual situation. There are a variety of control measures, some requiring a contractor, some not. People will learn techniques they can apply themselves to their own properties, whether they have small or large-scale infestations.”

There will be a presentation in the CFA Hall in Malmsbury, followed by a delicious lunch provided free of charge. Participants will then travel to a nearby property for practical demonstrations.

RSVPs are essential to Rob Burdett at [email protected]南京夜网 or 0409 410 151 by October 19.

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Greyhound racing: Baird government backflip

Greyhound Racing Club manager Glenn Midson.In a dramatic turnaround, NSWPremier Mike Baird has reversed hisdecision to ban greyhound racing across the state.
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However,Shoalhaven Greyhound Racing Club manager Glenn Midson remains sceptical.

“It’s a good decision, but we’ve got reservations becausewe haven’t seenthe details and that will be the catalyst as to how it will effect everyone,” Mr Midson said.

Mr Midson is concerned by the proposal to close regional greyhound tracks to fund the industry reform.

“It’s not an ideal situation when they talkabout reducing tracks,” he said.

“There’s a lot of details to come out and there will be a lot of restrictions and reform.We are confident we can do it, as long as it’s not too hard on regional tracks.”

The decision comes on the back of intense media coverage and industry pressure to stop the shutdown scheduled for July 1, 2017.

“It was done for political advantage and it didn’t work, so now he’s reversing it to regain popularity,” Mr Midson said.

“I’mnot saying we didn’t need to make change in the industry, but we’ve been used as a political pawn.”

Mr Midson said the general feeling within the greyhound industry was that ofrelief and apprehension.

“We have learnednot to trust politicians, he [Mike Baird]has been against us for various reasons, so we don’t expect to have a sweetheart deal, that’s for sure,” he said.

PETA Australia released a statement condemning the decision.

“Today is a sad day not only for the thousands of dogs who will now continue to suffer in this cruel and unjustifiable industry, but also for democracy,”Campaign Coordinator Claire Fryer said.

“The government has acted on speculation about their polling numbers and pressure from individuals who gain financially from this abusive industry, and ignored the vast majority of NSW constituents who abhor the inherit brutality of greyhound racing.

“The Premier may think he is saving his political future, but they say fortune favours the brave and in this case, Mr Baird has shown he is anything but.”

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‘Real’ clown hopes fad fades

PRECAUTION: Ruby The Clown has warned her staff to remove their makeup after their shifts due to the latest global craze.A Hunter entertainer has been forced to change her business practices due to the “creepy clown” fad sweepingthe globe.
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What is the creepy clown clown fad? Click here.

Ruby The Clownsaid a man recently abused her as she was stopped at traffic lights.

The incident led her to warn her staff to remove their makeup after their shifts.

Ruby, who often works in Maitland, said she hoped itwasa temporary precaution.

“I hope it doesn’t become ridiculous,” she said.“That could absolutely ruin a fabulous entertainment industry.”

PRECAUTION: Ruby The Clown has warned her staff to remove their makeup after their shifts due to the latest global craze.

Ruby says she has a point of difference to the “creepy clowns”–she doesn’t wear white face paint.

“That’s going to distance our company,” she said.

Kurri Kurri’sOops! The Clown no longer works in the industry but said the fad made her glad she had closed her business.

Central Hunter crime manager Detective Inspector Mitch Dubojski haswarnedabout the dangers of a new trend that involves people dressing as clowns, loitering in public places and chasing people.

There have been several cases reported inthe Hunterin recent days, as the the phenomenonhas gathered momentum on social media across the nation.

But police say they will take a tough stance against people caught intimidating others,trespassing or behaving in an otherwise dangerous way.

Read more of what the police had to say aboutcreepy clowns here.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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