October, 2018

Test your knowledge with the Leading Quiz

Question 29 asks what is the length of term for councillors on the Wagga Wagga City Council?GENERAL KNOWLEDGE1.What sentence was given to Oscar Wilde for the crime of homosexuality?
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2.A sonic boom is produced when what is exceeded?

3.What is the name of the chapel of the pope in the Vatican?

4.Which animal represents zodiac sign Cancer?

5.Which female singer did Gregg Allman marry in 1975?

6.Name that singer’s first husband.

7.Who wrote “Ode on a Grecian Urn”?

8.According to the rhyme, what did the Knave of Hearts steal?

9.What Aesop animal assumed that the grapes he couldn’t reach were sour anyway?

10.How many people died in the ‘Black Hole of Calcutta’?

11.What is the nickname of firefighting specialist Paul Adair?

12.Which Old Testament prophet denounced Ahab and Jezebel?

13.Graben, oxbow and kettle are all types of which geographical feature?

14.In which novel does Adela Quested appear?

15. What were Barbary corsairs?

SPORT16.Name the first fully professional baseball team.

17.In 1933 Walter Hammond set the record for cricket’s fastest test century. How long did it take him to move from 200 to 300 runs?

18.According to the Queensberry Rules of boxing, how long is the interval between rounds?

19.In what year did Moscow host the Olympic Games?

20.Name the first footrace to attract a field of more than 1000.

FLORA AND FAUNA21.According to superstition, the feathers of which bird should never be used in a house as decoration?

22.Name the animal that is the symbol of the World Wildlife Fund.

23.By what four-letter name is the killer whale also known?

24.What is crossed with a blackberry and loganberry to produce a boysenberry?

25.Marmalade is mostly made from what fruit?

LOCAL KNOWLEDGE26.Name the current mayor of Wagga Wagga.

27.At the intersection of which two streets would you find John Mooney Real Estate?

28.Which springtime festival held in Griffith features large citrus sculptures?

29.What is the length of term for councillors on the Wagga Wagga City Council?

30.Name the floral emblem of Wagga Wagga.

CURRENT EVENTS31.Name the former star of Kingswood Country who passed away last week.

32.People dressed as what have been seen wandering neighbourhoods and spooking people across America, now Australia and even in Wagga Wagga?

33.Name the deadly hurricane that has devastated Haiti and parts of the USA in the past week.

34.Who won the 2016 Bathurst 1000?

35.Which reality and social media star was robbed while in her Paris apartment recently?

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Centre lacked support

Gates closing: David Sanders has spoken on the difficulties he has faced in running the Ballarat Exhibition Centre. Picture: Lachlan BenceOwners of the Ballarat Exhibition Centre have spoken of the challenges they have faced in maintaining the facility as one of the city’s key major events draw cards.
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The site is currently for sale, less than three years after David and Bronwyn Sanders invested $3 million into it in the hope they could create one of Ballarat’s biggest tourism boons.

However, Mr Sanders says a lack of support from the City of Ballarat and various tourism agencies have made it difficult to persevere with the venture.

When he first purchased the centreMr Sanders had Federation University conduct a feasibility study into itspotential economic benefit for the city, with results suggesting it could tip$25-$30 million back into Ballarat’s economyon an annual basis, while asimilar study conductedfor the City of Ballarat suggested it could be even more.

The centre has displayed several celebrated exhibits, including multiple car shows, the last four editions of the Ballarat Antique and Vintage Fair and the coveted Spirit of Anzac display held last year. It will later this month host The Creators Market.

The Old Trades Exhibition has been based out of the Ballarat Exhibition Centre.

Despite its apparent success, Mr Sanders says he has been “stonewalled” by City of Ballarat staffers who have repeatedly ignored his requests to put up navigational signage across the town.

Emails supplied to The Couriershow Mr Sanders has made multiple requests for council’s approval for the placement of signage, which have fallen on deaf ears, while another email chain to City of Ballaratchief executive Justine Linley seeking a meetingto discuss potential supporthas also gone unanswered.

“We can’t even get a response from council staff about the signage,” Mr Sanders said.

“We’re open to wherever they want (the signs) to go, but we would just like to get our clients to know where we are.There were several small businesses like ourselves that were willing to work together for a better opportunity if the council was on board with us.”

Mr Sanders said the upcoming state government-funded railway precinct development, which will the station’s goods shed into a convention centre, could be reason for council’s lack of interest in response.

The Ballarat Exhibition Centre has hosted several car shows.

However, the goods shed is much smaller than the 5000 square metre exhibition centre and there would likely be less parking options than the 400 spaces at the Dowling Street site.

Ballarat Antique and Vintage Fair organiser John Markworth said there is “nothing like” the exhibition centre in town, and says many events will find it difficult to find substitutevenues if it is sold.

Mr Markworth said more than 4000 people attend the antique fair across three days when in Ballarat, with as many as 60 per cent of those tourists.

“Having traveled to Ballarat, they eat, they stay and they spend their money there,” he said.

“The Ballarat Fair has now become the number one event on the antiques calendar in Australia.It would be almost unthinkable for it to leave town.”

The Spirit of Anzac exhibition was a special event for Ballarat.

A statementfrom City of Ballarat acting chief executive Neville Ivey said council had advised Mr Sanders thatVicRoads was responsible for the approval of signage. However,several emails from Mr Sanders to council werefacilitated throughVicRoads.

“To the best of our knowledge, the City of Ballarat has always responded to inquiries from the Ballarat Exhibition Centre,” Mr Ivey said.

“Senior council officers have met with the owners of the business on several occasions and we have promoted events at the exhibition centre across our social media.”

Mr Sanders says there needs to be a more holistic approach across the city to take full advantage of tourism options.

“We need to be thinking about how we make a better lifestyle for people here, so people don’t have to go to Melbourne to the theatre, or to a restaurant, or to see a band –(instead) they come to Ballarat,” he said.

The exhibition centre was auctioned in August,but not sold. Mr Sanders is still holding out hope of a meeting with City of Ballarat staff.

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Trouble on track

IN DOUBT: The likes of Simone Ground may not get the chance to race in the Evocities series at Geurie following damage to the track. Photo: FILEThe Dubbo leg of the Evocities MTB Series is in doubt for a second time, but this time because ofwhat local club president Craig Arms described as damage caused by “illegal access” to the track.
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DAMAGE: An example of the deep gouges left by vehicles on the MTB track at Geurie, where a leg of the Evocities series is to be held. Photo: CONTRIBUTED

The rich event was originally meant to be raced in September at the track in Geurie, which was one of the venues during last year’s inaugural series, but the heavy and consistent rain left the track in no fit state.

That caused plenty of hassles for the local Dubbo MTB club as it prepared to reschedule, most likely to a date in November. But that now also appears in doubt following motorbikes and four-wheel drives entering the reserve and damaging the track by digging it up and leaving deep gouges in the surface.

“It’s disappointing and always an issue with public land but there is illegal access and we’ve had issues with it before,” he said.

“They’ve damaged the reserve and the track. It cuts the track and that’s not easily addressed because some of them are a foot or a foot-and-a-half deep so that needs plantmachinery to repair.”

The club has also been forced to reschedule or move many of its own local events due to the damage and Arms has called on any MTB riders who see motorbikes or vehicles in the reserves to call the police.

“They’re not permitted in there without park manager approval and I call on members who see them there to call the police,” he said.

The track damage is the latest blow for the club, which is already struggling to ensure things are right for a rescheduled Evocities event.

There was much excitement around last year in the lead up to the inaugural event, won by world champion Jason English, and that remained early on this year.

But the washout and track damage has stretched the club, which runs on volunteers, and Arms stated Dubbo Regional Council is now managing much of the preparation.

“The change of date made it difficult for us to change and get back up,” Armssaid in relation to the original washout.

“We were committed to September 25 and its changed all our availability.

“But Dubbo Regional Council has picked up the baton now and we are playing an advisory role.”

While things at home may not be perfect, Dubbo riders have the chance to impress in the next upcoming leg of the Evocities MTB Series, with the‘High Hunnit Marathon’at Tamworth on October 30.

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Glad to be racing past June 30, 2017: Rodney McDonald

Trainer Rodney McDonald pictured with his Group 1 winner Dana Beatrice. The now nine-year-old Golden Easter Egg winning bitch resides at Dana Lodge.Cowra greyhound trainer Rodney McDonald has breathed a sigh ofrelief following the Baird government’s decision to reverse its ban on greyhound racing in NSW on Tuesday morning.
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McDonald, a two-time NSW Trainer of the Year, expressed his delight in knowing there will be future for his Dana Lodge kennel beyond June 30 next year.

“Things are a lot more bright now then what they were two months ago,” Rodney McDonald said.

“We’re going past June 30 which is very positive. We just don’t know what the finer details are yet.”

Cabinet met on Tuesday morning to discuss dumping the plan, with their decision emerging shortly before 10.30am.

“I got it wrong, we got it wrong, the cabinet got it wrong and the government got it wrong,” Mr Baird said.

It wasexpected that the cabinetwouldconsider a range of optionsencompassing significant elements of a plan put forward by the greyhound industry, including:

Capping breeding to 2,000Reducing the number of tracksReducing the number of race eventsWhole-of-life dog cycle management$1,500 bond for every dog bredMcDonald questioned the proposed figure of capping breeding to 2000greyhounds.

“When you look at Paul Wheeler who breeds 300 or 400 pups that’s a fifth of the quota,” McDonaldsaid.

“I don’t think that’ll be one. I hope I’m right,” he said.

It is unclear whether Cowra’s trackwill have a future, but racing will return to Sid Kallas Ovalfor the next two Saturdays for the running of the annualJanet Braddon Memorial.

“It’s very positive news,” McDonald added. “Hopefully the restrictions now aren’t too savage.”

While the backflipcomes as a relief for participants in the greyhound industry,PETA Australia released a statement expressing its disappointment in the Bairdgovernment’s decision.

“Today is a sad day not only for the thousands of dogs who will now continue to suffer in this cruel and unjustifiable industry, but also for democracy,”PETA Australia Campaign Coordinator Claire Fryer.

“The government has acted on speculation about their polling numbers and pressure from individuals who gain financially from this abusive industry, and ignored the vast majority of New South Wales constituents who abhor the inherit brutality of greyhound racing.

“The Premier may think he is saving his political future, but they say fortune favours the brave and in this case, Mr Baird has shown he is anything but.”

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Windmills are raring to go

PROJECT: Mark De Nys and Naomi Fallon with the windmill side projects that will be for sale. This is a Border (Town) artist Mark de Nys is back this week working hard at the men’s shed to finish their project for the launch on October 23.
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The project will have four windmill’s that have been made from recycled products brought to the men’s shed and has a lot of meaning behind it that has been discussed between Mark and the men.

The windmill’s are now in their final stages of completion with painting underway.

They will be placed adjacent to the white kangaroos in a high profile area for locals and others to be able to spot easily.

Mark has done a residency this year for a good cause, working with the men’s shed to assist in mental health and rural suicide awareness as well.

The idea for the windmill’s came about after a group discussion.

“The way farming has changed, windmill’s are largely redundant. They have become just an ornament in a paddock, said Mark.

“They get another life basically. Get to start again.

“Re-inventing these is re-inventing the men as well.”

There will be one windmill of the four that is still working and there will be one laying down as well in relation to the rural suicide theme.

The timing works week this week with Mental health week as well which is a national event.

Mark said “Its ‘World Mental Health Day’Do you feel better having another”day” to embrace whatever…it takes everyday to make a difference”

Additional to the large windmills, Mark has also made up some side projects from leftoverwindmill parts that will be sold with funds going to the men’s shed.

Mark lives in Millicent and is from the Limestone Coast. He has come to Bordertown three times now as he is also a teacher and is involved in other projects.

He teaches basic engineering at the Millicent community learning centre. He has other sculptural projects with the Nangwarry community and in Mount Gambier as well on the rail lands.

He enjoys the mix up in his role and the residencies

“You have to get out of your comfort zone, and deal with people you have never dealt with before.

“It’s fun, it’s challenging and you meet great people”

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